Turbosound LMS4D

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The TURBOSOUND LMS-D4 is a compact and powerful DSP based audio-processing unit

Warranty period:
30 days

The LMS-D4 is a compact and powerful DSP based audio-processing unit designed for use with
particular Turbosound loudspeaker systems and associated bass enclosures, combining the
functions of multiple conventional products in a compact 1U high 19” rack unit. To achieve this the
LMS-D4 has 2 inputs and 4 outputs, which are configured by different system presets to allow two
basic modes: stereo 2 way and mono 3 way. The unit is designed to provide specific equalisation
and crossover points aimed at optimising the performance of these Turbosound loudspeaker
systems. In addition, limiters, delays (up to the equivalent of 14 metres), gain, polarity, and bass
trim controls are accessible to the user in order to match specific operation environments. The
LMS-D4 is designed for quick setup and adjustment via easy-to-use front panel controls.