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Lab Gruppen fp10000Q

LAB Gruppen's Biggest Selling Touring-Grade Amplifier, Delivering Rock-Solid Reliability and Sonic Purity
The FP 10000Q is the flagship four-channel model in the FP+ Series. At the core of the FP 10000Q’s performance is the now proven technological milestone that is LAB GRUPPEN’s patented Class TD® output stage, an amplifier topology that approaches the exceptional efficiency of Class D while retaining the sonic purity of proven Class B designs. Further contributing to the remarkable efficiency of the FP 10000Q is a Regulated Switch Mode Power Supply (R.SMPS™), which gives the added benefit of stabilizing rail voltages to the output even with wide fluctuations of mains voltage. A highly refined and updated circuit layout optimizes the interaction of R.SMPS and Class TD to produce the extraordinary power density of the FP 10000Q.

SKU: 11001 ,   Quantity available: 18
2310,00 €
Lab Gruppen fp3400

Amplifier,  2 ch, 1100W/ch at 8 ohm

SKU: 10002 ,   Quantity available: 2
1380,00 € 1632,00 €
Martin Audio (Powersoft) MA18K

The MA18K is one of three models extending the range of the renowned MA Series power amplifiers. The MA18K utilises the Pulse Width Modulation principal in combination with a high efficiency two stage switching power supply to deliver true class D operation with unparalled sonic performance and hitherto unobtainable power delivery. The MA18K operates at an astonishing 95% efficiency virtually regardless of output power, occupies only 1U of rack space and is a mere 12kg (26.5lbs) in weight.

SKU: 11003 ,   Quantity available: 8
2244,00 €
Monacor PA-1206

amplifier, 6 zones, 120W, 100V

SKU: 10315 ,   Quantity available: 1
364,80 € 456,00 €
Phonic MAX250
SKU: 30151 ,   Quantity available: 4
120,00 €

70V amplifier, 4ch, ~200W ch

SKU: 10028 ,   Quantity available: 1
1312,20 € 1458,00 €

Power Amplifier, 2x 1800 W 4 OHM

SKU: 30008 ,   Quantity available: 1
1066,56 € 1599,00 €

Power amplifier, Two-channel 2x 300 W 4 OHM

SKU: 30005 ,   Quantity available: 1
384,30 € 549,00 €