Absen M15 LED MESH (25m2)

12187,80 €
Unit: set
Quantity available: 2
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15.6mm Indoor/outdoot semi-transparent LED video wall. 

Warranty period:
30 days
Year of manufacture:
normal wear, tested, functional
Additional information:
One set consists of 50 panels (25m2) with high quality flightcases (4 panels in a case), one LVP603S controller, 4x 1m & 6x 2m hanging bars, all needed cables and some spare parts. Two sets (total number of 100 panels and 2 controllers) are available.
Seller comments:
The two sets are not 100% identical - one is mk1 and the other mk2. The sets have different power cables and small visual differences in physical appearance of the rear side, but they can be easily connected together and show identical picture

Panel dimensions W1000mm x H500mm x D110mm

Brightness 5500 nits

See pdf spec for full details