QSC AP-5122-BK

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The QSC AcousticPerformanceTM AP-5122 is a professional, two-way, full-range loudspeaker ideal for a variety of installed sound reinforcement applications requiring higher SPL output and a clean appearance. The AP-5122 uses a high power-capacity, 76mm (3-inch) diaphragm compression driver and combines it with a 305mm (12-inch) woofer to deliver exceptional

full bandwidth reproduction.

Warranty period:
2 years
New (unopened box)

The uniform power-response of the AP-5122 loudspeaker is a result of
DMTTM (Directivity Matched Transition), a design approach that matches LF and HF coverage in the cross-over region. Another key to the extraordinary accuracy and flat power response of the AP-5122 is the axisymetric waveguide with uncompromised performance in both the vertical and horizontal axes. The result is remarkably consistent coverage and smooth, accurate reproduction on and off-axis.

The AP-5122 may be used as a passive (full- range) loudspeaker to minimize amplifier channel count or it may be bi-amplified for greater control and performance. To further enhance performance, bi-amp and full- range tunings using QSC Intrinsic Correction techniques are available for Q-Sys and future QSC products.

The AP-5122 enclosure features M10 mounting points for suspension via eye- bolts as well as mount points for an optional yoke bracket.

Presenting a clean, unobtrusive look, AcousticPerformance grilles are unadorned eliminating the need to cover-up logo treatments which can be difficult to hide
or remove. The grille is also lined with acoustically transparent backing adding to the enclosure’s professional appearance and the AP-5122 is available in black (RAL 9011) and white (RAL 9010) finishes.

To minimize impact and disposal fees at the job site, all AcousticPerformance loudspeakers are packaged in environmentally friendly, recyclable cartons.

DMTTM (Directivity Matched Transition) ensures smooth, coherent power response across the listening plane
90 degree coverage of the axisymmetric waveguide matches natural coverage
of the 12-inch woofer at the crossover point for consistent power response
3” voice coil compression driver for outstanding high- frequency performance
M10 fittings and yoke mount fittings offer flexible deployment options for a variety of applications
Clean industrial design with unadorned grilles compliment most decors and settings
Covered barrier strip terminals and NL4 SpeakonTM connector
Bi-Amp / Passive switchable
15-ply Baltic birch plywood construction
16-Gauge powder coated steel grilles
Available in black (RAL 9011) and white (RAL 9010)
Complete EASE, CAD & BIM information available at qsc.com