LED valgustid

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The Event Bar Q4 LED pinspot is an easy to use DMX controlled or Sound Active scanning system utilizing four quad color LED heads. With individual dimming and strobe, the Event Bar Q4 from ADJ provides superb lighting across a large area. 

Tootekood: 30121 ,   Laoseis: 4
360,00 €
Chauvet Rogue R1

Chauvet Rogue R1 Wash

Tootekood: 30122 ,   Laoseis: 2
360,00 €
Osram Kreios PAR144W

IP65 LED PAR, 144W (48x3W ledid)

Tootekood: 10416 ,   Laoseis: 1
145,20 € 290,40 €
Osram Kreios SL LED valgusti

3200K CRI95 LED valgusti 24°/40°-120°

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165,00 € 330,00 €
Showtec Performer 150

Professional LED theaterspot with a high power output. It can be controlled by DMX or manual on the backpanel, the settings are user friendly set with a menu and display. The beam angle is adjustable from 25° until 75° and due to the refreshrate of 400Hz suitable for TV studio´s.

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345,60 €