AnalogWay RC400T

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Event controller for the LivePremier™, Alta 4K and the Midra™ 4K multi-screen live presentation systems

Warranty period:
Manufacturer warranty until 06.2024
Year of manufacture:
As new, original package
Additional information:
Used for single permanent installation

The RC400T event controller has been designed to greatly increase the level of operational efficiency and to give instant access to the crucial functionalities of the LivePremier™, Alta 4K and the Midra™ 4K image processor such as screens, layers, sources and memories. Up to five processors can be controlled in parallel (switch on the fly). The RC400T comes with a small footprint design and rugged housing, and offers 56 user programmable buttons, a high-resolution T-bar and a three-axis joystick for easy and fast PIP sizing and programming. This makes it the perfect solution for most control environments from large-scale live events (music shows, product launches, industry conferences…) to multi-purpose event auditoriums.

  • Heavy-duty, compact design
  • Designed for fault-free operation 
  • Instant access to crucial functionalities 
  • 56 user-programmable buttons 
  • High-resolution T-bar
  • Three-axis joystick for easy and fast PIP sizing and programming
  • Controls up to 5 devices in parallel (on-the-fly switching from the menu) 
  • 1 USB (front panel) and 1 USB (rear panel)
  • 1 Ethernet network interface
  • Can be deployed both on a desk or recessed in the console surface
  • 1 4-pin XLR connector XLR for LED lamp (sold as an option)