Rotel 5.1 Hometheater set

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Set includes:
Amplifier - Rotel RSX-1057 with remote control
CD Player- Rotel RCD-1072 with remote control, plays HDCD'sid
2 x Energy Reference Connoiseure RC-30 tower speakers
2 x Energy Reference Connoiseure RC-Mini surround speakers
1 x Energy Reference Connoiseure RC-Mini Center Speaker
1 x Mirage Omni S8 Subwoofer
All neccessary cables are included.
Warranty period:
30 days
Very good

Energy RC series with the big towers –that's what the 5.1 home theater system is all about. Perfect for rooms with limited space, this 5.1 surround sound setup achieves extreme performance through custom engineering. Just crank up the volume – what you'll hear is sound perfected and what you'll feel is pure energy.