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Q-Sys Core I/O Frame

Warranty period:
3 months
Additional information:
I/O cards not included. Can be purchased separately.

I/O Frames can be used to physically locate inputs and outputs connections near their sources and destinations. Dual Gigabit Ethernet connections route the audio signals through the Core for processing. Each I/O Frame can house up to four I/O cards enabling up to 16 channels of input and/or output in a single unit.



• I/O Frames may be equipped with a variety of audio input and output cards

•Premium 24-bit AD and DA conversion used throughout

• I/O Frames may be located with the Core or remotely – whichever best suits the needs of the installation

• Intuitive and easy to use design GUI

• Uses standard Gigabit Ethernet hardware for audio transport and control

• System seamlessly integrates with QSC amplifiers and loudspeakers


The Q-SYS I/O Frame can be used to physically locate input and output connections near their sources and destinations. Each I/O Frame features four card slots, which can support up to four I/O cards, mixed and matched in any configuration.  

  • Card Capacity: 4
  • Maximum Channel count: Up to 16 analog/AES/CobraNet™/Dante™/AVB™
  • Control connectivity via GPIO and RS232