Absen N4 LED screen 3,5 x 2m

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LED screen for indoor use

Screen size: 3456x2016 mm (6,97m2)
Brightness: 1100 nit
Pixel pitch: 4mm
Whole screen resolution: 1296x504 pix

Set includes Absen LED Pro-XGA sending card, Brightsign HD223 media player and rectangular truss frame for the screen.

Screen is sold by Absen distributor in Estonia that also offers after sales service.

Warranty period:
30 days
Year of manufacture:
Good condition, screen has been used in 1 permanent installation.
Additional information:
Screen set includes spare parts. Screen not available in partial size. Screen can be purchased without truss frame.
Seller comments:
Location Tallinn, Estonia

Screen technical data:

Pixel pitch: 4mm
Pixel configuration: 3-in-1 SMD
Led lamp: 2121SMD with Epistar chip
Cabinet size: 1152 x 288 x 54mm
Cabinet material: Aluminum alloy
Cabinet weight: 7,5kg
Cabine weight per square meter: 22kg
Pixels per cabinet: 288x72 pix
Pixels per square meter: 62500
Brightness: 1100nit
Gray scale: 65536 level
Refresh rate: ≥1920 Hz
Viewing angle (H/V): 160°/140°
IP rate: IP50/IP51
Power consumption: 450/150 w/m2
Input voltage: 100-240V
Operating temperature: -10~+40 ̊C

Truss frame components:

4x Litec QX25S100 1m module
4x Litec QX25S050 0,5m module
2x 3w 90 deg corner module Litec QX25SL3
2x 3w T module Litec QX25ST3
2x 4w T module Litec QX25ST4
2x half cone set Litec QXKFC
2x cone set Litec QXFC
2x steel floor plate

Screen spare parts:

3x power supply
3x screen module
3x receiving card