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Roland M-5000C

Digital audio console, 96 kHz

SKU: 10439 ,   Quantity available: 1
7200,00 €
Roland M-5000C Touring Case

Transport case for Roland M-5000C console

SKU: 10441 ,   Quantity available: 1
806,40 €
Roland S-0816

8x16 Front of House unit

The S-1608 and S-0816 Digital Snake are compact versions of the popular S-4000 Digital Snake System. Easy to use and quick to install, the S-1608 Digital Snake System is a small format audio snake solution that offers the highest quality audio signal available in a portable snake system. The S-1608 Digital Snake system is ideal for bands, corporate A/V events, seminars, rental and staging houses, Houses of Worship and broadcasters that need the best possible sound quality from their audio without the high frequency losses and bulk of an analog snake.

SKU: 10446 ,   Quantity available: 3
264,00 € 403,20 €
Roland S-4000D

Splitter & power distributor

“REAC Embedded Power” is unique Roland technology that enables the transfer of not only the digital audio signal but also the power required by the connected device - all via one CAT5e cable.The S-4000D Splitter and Power Distributor is equipped with 10 REAC ports including 8 ports of REAC Embedded Power. The S-4000D can automatically detect and distinguish a product not supporting REAC Embedded Power. In this case, power is not provided allowing the S-4000D to also function as a standard splitter when required.

SKU: 10447 ,   Quantity available: 2
717,60 €
Roland S-4000M

REAC merge unit

The S-4000M REAC Merge Unit allows up to four Digital Snake heads to be merged into a REAC stream where the master device recognizes it as single REAC slave unit.  This important technology enables distribution of multiple input/output units around a location, venue or stage for flexible point-to-point digital snake or V-Mixing System configurations.

SKU: 10448 ,   Quantity available: 3
384,00 € 717,60 €
Yamaha 01V96V2

Digital audio console

SKU: 10203 ,   Quantity available: 1
1140,00 €
Yamaha LS9-32

Digital audio console

SKU: 10007 ,   Quantity available: 1
2760,00 € 4590,00 €