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Panasonic TH-65LFE8E

65-inch FULL HD LCD Display, brightness 350 cd/m2

SKU: 11005 ,   Quantity available: 10
1656,00 €
Lab Gruppen fp10000Q

LAB Gruppen's Biggest Selling Touring-Grade Amplifier, Delivering Rock-Solid Reliability and Sonic Purity
The FP 10000Q is the flagship four-channel model in the FP+ Series. At the core of the FP 10000Q’s performance is the now proven technological milestone that is LAB GRUPPEN’s patented Class TD® output stage, an amplifier topology that approaches the exceptional efficiency of Class D while retaining the sonic purity of proven Class B designs. Further contributing to the remarkable efficiency of the FP 10000Q is a Regulated Switch Mode Power Supply (R.SMPS™), which gives the added benefit of stabilizing rail voltages to the output even with wide fluctuations of mains voltage. A highly refined and updated circuit layout optimizes the interaction of R.SMPS and Class TD to produce the extraordinary power density of the FP 10000Q.

SKU: 11001 ,   Quantity available: 18
2310,00 €
Clay Paky Alpha Spot 800 QWO

Spot moving-head

The Alpha Spot QWO 800 uses the latest MSR Platinum lamp – an 800W light source that produces an intense sparkling light, brighter even than older 1200W lamps. Additionally, the Alpha Spot QWO 800 is equipped with optical features that place this luminaire at the very top of its class, including a very wide zoom range from 7.6° to 55°, a uniform beam distribution at all zoom angles and a unique Stay-Sharp-Zoom feature that locks images in focus while zooming.

Dyna-Cue-Creator is a powerful tool that not only speeds up programming, but automatically synchronizes effects in a way that would be very complex to program manually.

Small, lightweight construction, impressive zoom range, excellent brightness, uniform beam, low consumption – these are just some of the features that make the Alpha Spot QWO 800 an excellent tool for TV, theatre, corporate events, and countless other demanding lighting applications.

SKU: 11007 ,   Quantity available: 16
2016,00 €
Genelec 7270A

The Genelec 7270A combines the Laminar Spiral Enclosure (LSE™) technology with state of the art AutoCal and GLM control network technologies for the highest level of monitoring flexibility. GLM allows to automatically align every monitor on the network in terms of level, timing, and equalisation of room response anomalies in all applications. With its 19 Hz lower cut-off frequency, high SPL output and comprehensive 7.1 digital bass management system, the 7270A adapts to all low frequency monitoring situations.
The 7270A is a powerful monitoring solution for recording studios, post-production facilities, mobile vans, radio and TV broadcasting.

SKU: 12000 ,   Quantity available: 1
1440,00 €
Osram Kreios 80W LED fresnel

Compact and efficient LED wash fixtures

SKU: 11009 ,   Quantity available: 10
259,20 €
Panasonic TH32EF1E

32-inch FULL HD LCD Display, brightness 350 cd/m2

SKU: 11012 ,   Quantity available: 3
482,40 €
Amp rack LAB+BSS

Amp rack with 3x LAB Gruppen fp10000Q amplifiers and 1x BSS controller

SKU: 11002 ,   Quantity available: 6
7260,00 €
Martin Audio (Powersoft) MA18K

The MA18K is one of three models extending the range of the renowned MA Series power amplifiers. The MA18K utilises the Pulse Width Modulation principal in combination with a high efficiency two stage switching power supply to deliver true class D operation with unparalled sonic performance and hitherto unobtainable power delivery. The MA18K operates at an astonishing 95% efficiency virtually regardless of output power, occupies only 1U of rack space and is a mere 12kg (26.5lbs) in weight.

SKU: 11003 ,   Quantity available: 9
2244,00 €
Martin Audio LE1200 (pair)

The Martin Audio LE1200 is an ultra-compact, high performance stage monitor which combines maximum enclosure volume with optimum presentation angle in a low profile, contemporary design. It features a high-specification 12" (300mm) low frequency drive unit and a 1.4" (35mm) exit compression driver mounted on a differential dispersion horn. Differential dispersion technology increases the area over which a constant SPL and consistent frequency response is maintained at ear height, enabling the artist to move around more freely.

SKU: 11004 ,   Quantity available: 17
2640,00 €
Showtec Performer 150

Professional LED theaterspot with a high power output. It can be controlled by DMX or manual on the backpanel, the settings are user friendly set with a menu and display. The beam angle is adjustable from 25° until 75° and due to the refreshrate of 400Hz suitable for TV studio´s.

SKU: 11010 ,   Quantity available: 14
345,60 €
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Alesis Q49

Midi keyboard with 49 keys

SKU: 10071 ,   Quantity available: 1
72,00 € 118,80 €
Ampeg SVT-810

Bass cabinet, 8x10"

SKU: 10049 ,   Quantity available: 1
828,00 € 900,00 €
Apart MA65

Compact mixing amplifier, 65W @ 100 volt

SKU: 10343 ,   Quantity available: 1
144,00 € 192,00 €
Audio Technica AE2500

Dual-capsule kick microphone with cable and case

SKU: 10397 ,   Quantity available: 1
336,00 € 420,00 €
Audio Technica AT-892

Headset microphone with connector suitable for Audio-Technica bodypack transmitters

SKU: 10102 ,   Quantity available: 2
60,00 € 132,00 €
Audio Technica ATH-M30

Closed-back Dynamic Stereo Monitor Headphones

SKU: 10349 ,   Quantity available: 28
36,00 € 59,99 €
Audio Technica ATH-M40

Studio Headphones

SKU: 10350 ,   Quantity available: 10
48,00 € 71,99 €
Barco RLM-W8

8000AL, WUXGA, 3-DLP video projector

SKU: 10470 ,   Quantity available: 4
4800,00 € 5340,00 €
Brown Innovations MF-24

Directional loudspeaker. Delivers focused sound dispersion perfect for one or two listeners. Speaker automatically monitors ambient noise and self-adjusts volume accordingly. 

SKU: 10310 ,   Quantity available: 1
948,00 € 1395,73 €
Brown Innovations SB-30

directional loudspeaker

SKU: 10309 ,   Quantity available: 1
1080,00 € 1714,79 €
Brown Innovations Wide Dispersion Localizer

directional loudspeaker

SKU: 10308 ,   Quantity available: 1
1140,00 € 1788,00 €
FBT PSR212M (2 pcs) + amp

Two passive stage monitors with rack and Yamaha P5000 amplifier

SKU: 10234 ,   Quantity available: 3
720,00 € 1078,80 €