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QSC I/O Frame 8S

Warranty period:
3 months
used for demo, like new
Additional information:
I/O cards not included. Can be purchased separately. See related products.

I/O Frames provide the points of connection used to interface Q-SYS with other components of the audio system, such as mixers and power amplifiers. Each I/O Frame 8s features eight card slots, which can support up to eight of the following I/O cards, mixed and matched in any configuration:

Mic/Line Input card — Four channels of switchable mic/line-level analog audio input with 48V phantom power (available with standard or premium pre-amps and A/D converters).

Line Output card — Four channels of balanced, line-level analog output.

DataPort Output card — Four audio output channels (2 DataPorts) for connection to DataPort equipped QSC amplifiers.

AES Input/Output card — Four input and four output channels of AES-3 digital audio. The I/O Frame 8s will also support various combinations of network cards (such as Cobranet, Dante and future cards such as AVB) to provide a bridge to the Q-SYS Core up to 128 inputs and 128 outputs.

One of the primary development goals was to create a platform that had nearly unlimited resources; Q-SYS truly lives up to that goal with unrivaled processing breadth and depth. The Q-SYS™ designer interface was created specifically to harness its unmatched power while remaining intuitive and easy to use. The processing tools are extensive and simple to apply. Once the system is designed, you will find that Q-SYS also offers a useful suite of trouble shooting and measurement tools. The strength of the centralized architecture used by Q-SYS is that it facilitates the implementation of total or partial system redundancy. A system can be created with Core, Network, I/O Frame and even amplifier redundancy. In a redundant Q-SYS system, a problem with any of the primary devices will result in the back-up device taking over. If, for example the Core experiences a failure, the backup core automatically takes over ensuring continued flawless operation


I/O Frames may be equipped with a variety of audio input and output cards • Premium 24-bit AD and DA conversion used throughout • I/O Frames may be located with the Core or remotely – whichever best suits the needs of the installation • Intuitive and easy to use design GUI • Uses standard Gigabit Ethernet hardware for audio transport and control • System seamlessly integrates with QSC amplifiers and loudspeakers