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The Q-SYS Core 500i Integrated processor is a software-based audio, video and control appliance for the Q-SYS Ecosystem

Warranty period:
3 months
Year of manufacture:
demo unit, like new
Additional information:
I/O cards not included. Can be purchased separately. See related products.

The Core 500i Integrated Core processor brings the power and flexibility of the Q-SYS audio, video and control operating system to projects requiring great diversity in audio I/O options. Q-SYS Integrated Cores have the capability of directly accommodating eight Q-SYS input and/ or output cards for a total onboard channel capacity of 32 channels (more if AES or CobraNet™ high density networked audio I/O cards are used – see chart below for more details). Channel count may be further expanded by the addition of Q-SYS I/O-Frames and other peripheral devices.

Applications – The Q-SYS Interated Cores are an ideal choice for auditoriums, large conference rooms, convention centers, entertainment venues, hospitality, houses of worship, legislative installations, performing arts, sports bars, stadiums and arenas, theme parks and transportation facilities.

Platform – Using a customized Linux OS and running on Intel® microprocessors, the 500i is amazingly powerful. Because Q-SYS doesn’t depend on proprietary DSP hardware, it directly benefits from advancements driven by the entire global computing / IT industry, and software improvements don’t require new hardware. New capabilities are added on a regular basis. Visit www.qsc.com or contact your QSC representative for the latest updates.

Network – Q-SYS utilizes our IT-friendly Layer-3 Gigabit Ethernet technology. The audio transport is low-latency (fixed at 2.5 ms from any input to any output) and based on accepted IP networking standards. Q-SYS operates on standard IT network switches (see the QSC website for a list of qualified switches). Because it is standards based it can easily run on a shared network without segregating audio traffic via tedious VLAN configuration.

Design GUI – Q-SYS Cores are configured using an intuitive object-based drag and drop user interface that provides for the creation of nearly any imaginable signal flow. Control logic components are provided and custom scripting may also be used to accomplish a wide range of interface or control tasks. The design GUI is capable of quickly and easily generating graphical control screens that may be run on networkconnected computers, tablet devices or QSC touch-screen controllers.

Scalable Redundancy – While QSC is known for and dedicated to building the most reliable products, some applications call for additional assurance. Any element of a Q-SYS system – Cores, networks, I/O Frames and even amplifiers may be deployed in a redundant configuration. The system designer has the choice of making one or all system elements redundant.

Peripherals – Q-SYS capabilities are further enhanced by a growing suite of peripheral devices including page stations, touch screen controllers and specialized I/O cards.