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The Q-SYS Core 250i Integrated processor is a software-based audio, video and control appliance for the Q-SYS Ecosystem

Warranty period:
3 months
used for demo, like new
Additional information:
I/O cards not included. Can be purchased separately.

The Q-SYS Core 250i Integrated processor is a software-based audio, video and control appliance for the Q-SYS Ecosystem.  It leverages the power Intel™ processing along with the robustness and mission-critical reliability of a Linux™ operating system to offer an abundance of raw processing power for all audio, video and control requirements.  It features up to 128 x 128 low-latency network audio channels along with up to 16 channels of software-based acoustic echo cancellation (AEC).

Q-SYS Integrated Core Up to 64x64 ch in/out LocalAudio Channels.
Up to 64 Flex network audio channels and 16× AEC processing channels

System Hardware Core 250i Core 500i
Description System processor and control engine
Front Panel Controls LCD page forward momentary switch
Unit ID button momentary switch
Clear settings momentary switch
Front Panel Indicators Power On: Blue LED; Device Status: Tri-color LED
Audio Signal: 32 Tri-color LEDs
Card Status: 8 Tri-color LEDs
240 x 64 monochrome LCD graphics display
Rear Panel Controls Power Switch
Rear Panel Connectors RS-232: DE-9 (male 9-pin D shell connector)
Video Out: HD-15 (female 15-pin D shell connector); DVI-D, HDMI (500i only)
Aux USB ports: USB host (type A) x4
Aux Network Port: RJ45 10/100/1000 Mbps (switchable between Q-SYS LAN B or Aux Network Port on 250i model)
GPIO ports: DA-15 (female 15-pin D shell connector) x2
Q-SYS Network LAN A: RJ45 1000 Mbps only
Q-SYS Network LAN B: RJ45 1000 Mbps only (switchable between Q-SYS LAN B or Aux Network Port 10/100/1000 Mbps on
250i model)
IEC inlet: AC mains power connector
Available peripherals Page Station (H)&(G), I/O Frame, I/O-22, TSC-8, TSC-3
Network Channel Capacity 64 Flex Channels 128 Flex Channels
Audio I/O Capacity 8 card slots, up to 32 channels; Requires purchase of Q-SYS Type 2 audio I/O cards: CB, CIML4, CIML4-HP, COL4, CODP4,
Line Voltage Requirements 100 VAC - 240 VAC, 50 - 60 Hz
Current Draw 1.5A (120V mains) 1.7A (120V mains)
Thermal 500 BTU/h (typical) 650 BTU/h (typical)
Dimensions (HWD) 3.5” x 19” x 15” (89 mm x 482.6 mm x 381 mm)
Included Accessories 6 ft UL/CSA/IEC line cord, User Manual, Software CD
Rear Panel Core 250i
1. Eight Audio I/O Bays — accepts Q-Sys Type 2 audio I/O cards
2. GPIO A and GPIO B Female DA-15 connectors for Q-Sys control I/O
3. Four Auxiliary Ports — USB host connectors
4. Q-LAN Network Port, LAN A — 1000 Mbps only, primary connection toQ-Sys gigabit network5. Video Out — HD-1
5 female connector For future use6. Video Out — DVI female connector For future useTD-000347-00-Bshow the Q-Sys Core front and rear panel features. The front panel is identical for the Core 250i and 500i. The rear2134— Figure 7 —
6. Device ID Button (locates device in Q-Sys Designer GUI)
7. Status LED (reports network health and fi rmware update status)
8. Clear Settings Paperclip Button (resets everything on the Core; doesnot delete any media fi les)
9. Power On LED11234— Figure 8 —7. RS-232 — DE-9 male connector for serial communications8. Q-LAN Network Port, LAN B or AUX LAN — (1000 Mbps only whenused in Q-LAN LAN B mode, 10/100/1000 Mbps when used in AUXmode) backup connection to Q-Sys gigabit network9. AC Main Inlet — IEC male connector with cord retainer
10. Power Switch
11. Serial Number