Edirol V-44SW

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Rack-Mountable Multi-Format Video Mixer and Switcher

Warranty period:
30 days
Year of manufacture:
tested, fully functional
Additional information:
together with flightcase

Product information

Mix Multiple Input Formats
Like the V-440HD Multi-Format Video Mixer, the V-44SW supports multi-format signals like HD video (1080i/720p component), SD video (S-Video/Composite) and RGB from PC/Mac (from VGA to SXGA).Proven Reliability
The highly reliable internal circuitry of the V-44SW allows it to be the trusted cornerstone of any video presentation systemExtremely Easy Operation
Most of the operations can be completed simply by pressing the input select buttons. This enables users with little knowledge or skill to control the unit.Remote Controllable
V-44SW can be remote controlled from various external devices via MIDI or RS-232C serial interface. This will enable the use of customized user interfaces to match specific applications resulting in even more intuitive control.Multi-Screen setup in compact space
V-44SW works as slave unit of any V-440HD. This enables multi-screen/video wall setups in compact spaces.


Video FormatSD : NTSC or PAL [CVBS, S(Y/C)] 

HD : 1080/59.94i/50i SMPTE274M (Y/Pb/Pr TriLevel Sync) 
720/59.94p/50p SMPTE296M (Y/Pb/Pr TriLevel Sync) 

RGB : 640x480/60/75, 800x600/60/75,1024x768/60/75, 
1366x768/60/75 (RGB VH:positive/negative logic) 
* VESA DMT Version 1.0 Revision 10 conform 
* 1366 x 768 is for output only.Video SamplingSD : 4:2:2 (Y/Pb/Pr) 8-bit 13.5 MHz (BT.601) 
HD : 4:4:4 (Y/Pb/Pr) 8-bit 74.1758 MHz / 74.25 MHz 
RGB : 4:4:4 (R/G/B) 8-bit 25 MHz to 110 MHz Video TransitionCut, Dissolve, Wipe: 6Patterns, Reverse, SoftEdgeVideo CompositionPicture in Picture, Chroma Key (Blue/Green), Luminance Key(White/Black)