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Roland M-5000C

Digitaalne helipult, 96kHz

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Roland M-5000C Touring Case

Roland M-5000C helipuldi transpordiräkk

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Roland M200

32-channel digital mixer

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Roland S-4000D

Splitter & power distributor

“REAC Embedded Power” is unique Roland technology that enables the transfer of not only the digital audio signal but also the power required by the connected device - all via one CAT5e cable.The S-4000D Splitter and Power Distributor is equipped with 10 REAC ports including 8 ports of REAC Embedded Power. The S-4000D can automatically detect and distinguish a product not supporting REAC Embedded Power. In this case, power is not provided allowing the S-4000D to also function as a standard splitter when required.

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Roland S-4000M

REAC merge unit

The S-4000M REAC Merge Unit allows up to four Digital Snake heads to be merged into a REAC stream where the master device recognizes it as single REAC slave unit.  This important technology enables distribution of multiple input/output units around a location, venue or stage for flexible point-to-point digital snake or V-Mixing System configurations.

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Yamaha 01V96V2

Digitaalne helipult

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Yamaha LS9-32

Digitaalne helipult

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